Customized Website Design with Squarespace

Squarespace is a great platform for stylish, easy-to-update websites, but without customization, they all end up looking the same. I love creating beautiful customized Squarespace websites for clients who want a unique look tailored to their needs. I was my first Squarespace client when I designed and customized the online portfolio you are looking at now.


BONNIE ANDERSON PART 1: Bonnie came to me for an update of a website that had been created in the 1990s. With a new book coming out, she needed a total rethinking of her online presence–and a website that works perfectly on mobile devices. This site beautifully features her new book on the home page. But then…


BONNIE ANDERSON PART 2: After Bonnie’s new book had been out for a year, she asked for a redesign that focused on her rather than that specific book. The site now offers a friendly first-person introduction to her larger body of work while still highlighting the book lower on the home page (not to mention a Press page for the book reviews!)
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THE NEW SEARCH COLLABORATIVE is a recruiting firm that promotes excellence through diversity and embodied leadership. Using dynamic video and graphics, I created a high-energy site that foregrounds their diverse clients and candidates. See More

SIOBHAN DUNNE is an accomplished film editor who wanted to give her website a modern update. We brought it to life by creating a dynamic interface that showcased her film work, writing–and quirky sense of humor. See More


MELISSA MORGENLANDER needed a website that was simple but didn't feel corporate. She began the process on her own and I helped her customize it. We both loved her drawn portrait and featured it on the home page. See More


TRIXIE FILMS: I learned to customize Squarespace sites through my own business website, which features my film, writing and multimedia work. My favorite part is the winking GIF on the home page, so click through to see it in action. See More

This documentary website supports a deep and information-rich structure that also had to be easy to use and inviting. For a film about myths and misogyny around women and sex, it also had to fulfill a lot of publicity and educational outreach needs. And because of the delicate subject matter, its look had to be fun and engaging. See More

This is the fourth Squarespace site I’ve designed for my own work and I’m still finding new ways to customize the templates to truly reflect the essence of each project. Believe it or not, this one was based on this template! See More


Custom (non-Squarespace) sites I've designed, working with a developer

The V-Card Diaries is an interactive story-sharing website with a cool dynamic interface. It was originally created at a Hackathon and then updated the following year. Note: Since the site is about virginity and sexuality, it may not be suitable for some workplaces. You can learn more about this project here.

The Hartley Film Foundation supports and distributes hundreds of films so our goal was to create a clean way to publicize their films while also providing easy access to the entire collection. Their 15-year-old site didn’t serve those needs and looked dated, and I was excited to collaborated on a new and exciting answer to their needs. The organization was recently merged into a larger entity, so this website is not longer live. You can seen an archived version here.